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We Source........Quality!!!

Who are we?

Well, we like to think of ourselves as the "no-such-thing-as-cannot-be-found"  Sourcing Team or  the  "wow, where-did-you-find-that?"  identity.


Because behind our name lies an enthusiastic "can-do and failure is not an option" attitude with which we have been known for in the industry and always designing, sourcing and supplying innovative yet highly effective business solutions globally.

Our vision is and has always been, to be the most trusted & respected global trading & sourcing company.

We work tirelessly to be the best ethical & sustainable procurement practice opportunity available to all and someone who provides a reliable and timely supply to all our clients.

We are committed to our core values which include quality standards, product compliance and sustainability.

We are and will always be ......" people-centric " 


We are working with major global corporate institutions and some of the most exciting consumer brands.

We have a strong committed relationship with 485+ suppliers, manufacturers, factories and sellers based in Mainland China, Hong Kong & Taiwan. 


In addition to this we have successful JV manufacturing production partnerships in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe, and who offer us a wide range of products such as Oil and Gas Eqpt, Renewable Products, Heavy Machinery, Consumer Electronics, PCB, Media, Building Materials & Resources, Furniture, Lighting, Promotional Items, Hospitality Management, Hospital Equipment, Chemicals and more.


So, if you are looking for an innovative and excellent procurement provider and a sustainable solution, then look no further!



We Deliver… Smart!!!

We provide a quality supply chain process consistently anytime and anywhere.


Our services are of a high standard because we value each and every detail of our clients' needs. We have the primary responsibility for not only establishing, but also maintaining healthy long term relationships with all our clients.

The people who make up OSHK Logistics & Shipping Department run a meticulous process system of logistics, powered by state-of-the-art IT systems, and are trained to handle the dynamic nature of shipping with professionalism and responsibility.

These personnel make efficient use of tools and technology to give clients convenient and trustworthy freight and storage solutions.

As a company, we provide Vendor Management services to manage and control the customer’s supply of goods. This includes order distribution, consolidated billing and reporting capability.

Orient Source HK Limited ensures trailer-on-flat-car service which has climate-controlled trailers for perishable products that need protection from the heat or cold. Non-perishable or general freight can also be handled by air, sea, rail and road.

Our core specialization is FCL cargo handling all types of containers and cargoes including special equipment and also heavy lift carriage.

We also provide Air cargo services to the clients who need their cargo to be moved quickly and efficiently by air.

Orient Source HK Limited deals in the sale and purchase of used containers which are in good condition, and we also provide additional services of shipping these containers to the choice of destination of the customer.

We make provisions for ample and ideal warehousing for storing containers and goods.

Orient Source HK Limited is equipped to transport via air, as well as sea, highly sensitive Dangerous Goods, also called Hazardous Materials, all in line with international IMDG regulations.

We execute Supply Chain Management which involves the strategic integration of diverse business facilities, functions and activities throughout the supply chain for the purpose of providing goods and services to customers as efficiently as possible. This is accomplished by our knowledge of transportation, inventory control, warehousing, material handling, purchasing and production control.

We provide solutions for Cross Trade Shipment for cargo that is freighted either by air and/or sea from one country to another country, but not through your home base where you reside.

Orient Source HK Limited offers transportation management which is responsible for scheduling and selecting the modes of transportation for cargo. It includes organizing, planning and overseeing the movement of those vehicles and cargo worldwide.

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