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Orient Source HK Limited recognizes that in some parts of the world governments are weak, that legal and ethical infrastructures are poor, crime is rampant and that sometimes armed conflict does take place.


However, following the guidance of the United Nations and International regulators, we will not simply embargo such areas; we will not unthinkingly deprive them of our technical and financial expertise, and of the opportunity to improve their situations through legitimate, transparent trade.

We will, however, exercise restraint prior to embarking on any business ventures by conducting thorough due diligence to uphold this policy.


We will not, under any circumstances, engage in business that arises from criminal activities, or from criminals or terrorist groups, or that is used to finance criminal or terrorist activities.


In addition to adherence of laws in our home country, Hong Kong, the Precious Metal Control Act and the international Money Laundering Act, we apply the same principles, expressed through this policy, throughout the world, wherever Orient Source HK Limited operates and does business.


We endeavor to promote and follow a uniform code of conduct and business respect in all countries at all times. Orient Source HK Limited is also an equal opportunity company, and does not discriminate based on age, gender, religion or ethnic background.

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